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Welcome to The Plumery
A Haven for Parrots


Until The Plumery has its site and is readied for visitors...

Please visit this website often as it gets expanded.

You'll get the latest news here and by signing up for our newsletter!

Contact us by email – or by phone – 805- 724- 0649 

All of us here at The Plumery look forward to meeting you! 


All about parrot species

What makes parrots tick

How parrots are descended from dinosaurs

How to make a parrot habitat in our house and yard

What to feed a parrot and why

How to play with a parrot 

How to understand what a parrot is telling you

How a parrot's body works

Where parrots' native environments are

What are the horrors of the illegal smuggling trade

What really happens in the commercial bird marketplace

What it takes to adopt a parrot from The Plumery

What a volunteer can do at The Plumery

How parrots contribute to human life

How to protect parrots around the world 

How to approach, handle, and build trust with a parrot

And much more.....


Join The Plumery as a founding member at your choice of membership level. Become a sponsor or benefactor as an individual, foundation, or business. We gratefully accept all donations in the form of cash/check/credit card, grants, in-kind services, purchases from our wish list, and parrot food.

Go to our donor page for membership and donation information. 

Help us Grow our Tree!   

Help us Build our Nest!

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