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The Plumery Difference

As much as we wish we could offer a home to every captive pet parrot relinquished by their owners, we are confident we can provide quality of life and service to a maximum of 40-50 parrots. Slow and steady growth will allow The Plumery to maintain its standards and meet its goals. As a brand-new nonprofit established in 2023, we've taken the opportunity to research many existing avian rescues and sanctuaries, noting their policies and practices that cover a very wide range of options for potential relinquishers and adopters. These facilities offer a variety of care and housing given to their residents and boarders as well as access to the public to visit and learn about parrots.


At The Plumery, the following parrot care matters to us: undivided attention, individual plans, cleanliness and security, on-call veterinary care, small ratio of parrots to staff, custom habitats and a natural environment, adoption when possible. For boarders, we will offer a home away from home. For parrot owners and bird lovers, we plan to provide: services aimed at improving the parrot/human bond, an extensive online resource library, events and classes.


Above all, no judgment occurs at The Plumery. Our goal and mission is for our haven to be at the ready for parrots entrusted to our care and for people who love birds, even when the squawkers express their truest, wildest nature. 

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