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"Use the Negative to Develop”

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The Eden Magazine

The Eden Magazine is a monthly conscious lifestyle magazine, 

a non-profit 501(c)(3) is your guide to healthy living, spiritual awareness, compassion and love for all living beings, holistic lifestyle, mindfulness, organic living, positive thinking, and personal development. 


The Eden Magazine was born in 2010; we have been connecting like-minded people to our readership circle. Our mission continues to be a platform for you to manifest your message to the world. 

Today The, Eden Magazine reaches over 1M worldwide.


Discover the path to peaceful living among other living beings. We are all made of vibration and light in the Universe to manifest our energy around all livingness. Respect and honor animals, plants, and everything in our beautiful Universe. We are all connected.


With the rise of the online sector as the primary source of news and communications, The Eden Magazine is here to take you to the world of living healthier, in harmony, and cruelty-free among each other. 

The Eden Magazine's goal is to promote inner change and thoughts through educational tools to acquaint us with our world.


In the past, we helped and supported animal shelters, Boys and Girls Clubs, and firefighters after the devasted Woosley Fire in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, as well as doctors and nurses during the COVID crisis. 

With your generous donations and support, we aim to continue our mission to make a difference in our world. 


We encourage you to join us if your work resonates with a positive change. Through your message of awareness, education, and sources to promote and emphasize humane and environmentalism to the next generation for a better way to live on this beautiful earth of ours.

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