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The Plumery provides services for parrots, parrot owners, parrot lovers, and community groups.



Your parrot is driving you crazy but you're not quite at the end of your rope. You hope to find helpful tips if not possible solutions to save your sanity, better understand what your parrot needs, and keep your parrot as a member of your family and in your home.


The Plumery will work with you and your parrot, assess the triggers and the resulting situations, offer suggestions, and follow through to ensure a positive outcome.



You need a break from your parrot, or you're going away for a vacation or a business trip. Where and with whom will you leave your parrot, confident the bird is safe, secure, and attended to? 


The Plumery offers short- and long-term boarding at reasonable prices, adhering to the way you care for your parrot. Your parrot will be so happy, return stays will feel like a home away from home.



Now you have reached the end of your rope. You're not sure who has lost it more – you or your parrot. Nothing works. Nothing helps. It's time to call it quits. You're positive you're making the only possible decision. You must relinquish your parrot for your sake and your bird..


The Plumery will ask you to fill out our relinquishment form and be interviewed. We'll ask you to get a health clearance from your veterinarian or our veterinarian. Along with delivering the parrot to us, you will also bring the cage/aviary/habitat your parrot is used to, any favorite toys and any other equipment, products, paraphernalia you have for your parrot. All financial obligations will be agreed upon and initiated.


The first month the parrot is at The Plumery is considered an assessment and adjustment period. Any issues that crop up will be discussed with you, and you have that month to change your mind, but then we expect to work with you through our consultation services if you take your parrot back.



Yes, your parrot needs regular spa days – nails, beak, wings, a good bath. 


The Plumery uses the gentlest and best grooming methods that won't traumatize your parrot. We also recommend groomers – often vet techs – closer to you neighborhood if you can't get to us. But if your parrot comes to The Plumery for boarding, we can get grooming done during that time.



You've thought about adopting a parrot and have decided now is the time. You have educated yourself, assessed your home and the amount of time you will devote to a parrot, You may or may not have a favorite species and are open to any Plumery bird available for adoption.


The Plumery approaches adoption from the parrot's point of view. The parrot chooses you as the right human to bond with. Making that bond and securing it doesn't happen in one meeting. A parrot has to be convinced of your trust, understanding, empathy, and desire to have fun and love the bird. Multiple visits – REALLY A LOT – are mandatory; the more and the closer together the visits the better.


Your visits will be supervised so that you can ask all the questions you have and that come up situationally during visits. The Plumery staff will also provide education and training about handling parrots, appropriate diets, the best habitat and space you can provide, etc. Adoption doesn't take place until you and our staff are satisfied you and your parrot are ready to embark on a life together.


Veterinarian Recommendation

You have a favorite or local veterinarian, but this practitioner doesn't have avian experience or expertise and doesn't ordinarily treat birds. Do not take your parrot to this veterinarian! 


The Plumery can help you find veterinarians who have avian experience and expertise and include birds among the animals they regularly treat. We can also direct you to practices that include Board-certified avian specialists. Parrots are not dogs or cats or hamsters or rabbits. They require and deserve particular species knowledge and treatment.

Holding a Parrot

Special Programming

Are you a member of an underserved group who misses out on opportunities to learn about and interact with animals, especially birds, and in particular parrots? If you are interested in having a unique experience and take some classes that will open up your world, please contact us.


The Plumery is dedicated to presenting classes, programs, and events to people of all ages and challenged situations. We will create a customized plan for your group to learn about and meet parrots, finding common ground with our Plumery residents.  

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